RECOM, one of the fastest growing companies in the European solar industry, proudly announces the successful acquisition of the Sillia VL production site located in Lannion, France.

“RECOM is committed to strengthen its position on the French market, with the aim of becoming the leading solar panel provider for this highly demanding market within the next two years.”

Hamlet Tunyan, RECOM CEO


Established in 2007, RECOM has made its mark in the solar power industry by growing as a PV module manufacturer and an IPP with worldwide presence.
With European production expanding now to three EU countries, Italy, Poland and France, secured financial stability as well as a proven track record in projects worldwide, RECOM has strengthened its strategic European and global position in the solar world.

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Sillia VL was founded in December 2008, and soon became one of the main actors in the French PV market. The production site in Lannion has at the moment three independent production lines, reaching an annual capacity of 60 MW.

Until the end of the year, RECOM plans to upgrade it to 300 MW through continuous investments in modern equipment and automated production tools, as well as enhanced quality control procedures during and after production, ensuring high quality end products to customers.

«RECOM-Sillia is the union of two complementary and effective forces to meet the challenge of a competitive and demanding market and ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.»

Nicolas Proux, SILLIA Production Manager